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Why choose us?

Great Value
  • CEIPAL's single greatest differentiator is to provide a great platform yet at an affordable cost.
  • CEIPAL's pay-as-you-go flexible subscription model ensures our customers only pay for what they use.
Mint Support
  • Our highly regarded support team is available to help our customers via email or phone, even through extended hours.
  • We assist our customers with data migration, customize settings, and other support activities with a passionate and knowledgeable staff.
Visual UX/UI
  • Our team of UI/UX designers and industry thought leaders helped CEIPAL build one of the best visual UI platform among HCM platforms.
  • Our continuous upgrades to the UI/UX design keep our customers engaged with the platform.
Pinnacle Security
  • Our platform is hosted on a highly secured and elastic cloud platform with no limits for expansion.
  • We are in the process of being certified as compliant with SOC2 security controls by an independent US security auditor.

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