Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

An HRMS for a smarter workplace

CEIPAL's Workforce has your back!

Our human resource management system understands your needs and wants you to relax still. It is dedicated to making your work life doubly easy and less consumable. Just a few clicks and the human resource is sorted.

In no time, track your HR data, manage it and no hovering around to locate it since everything sits in one place. With Workforce's HRMS you will save time and efforts, so you can stop haggling with the pen and the paper.

The Employee Self Service of the system is truly a bliss, from individual reports to analytics everything is taken care of single-handedly. Quality and timeliness are given utmost priority, so much so that you need not double-check.

You couldn't find a better alternative.

Some special features that make Workforce's ATS stand out in the crowd:
Employee Central

Have all your employee information at your fingertips. Also, have your employees update their own respective information on the Workforce platform. Make your employees feel more empowered.


With our modern timesheet management system in place, no excuse can stand up to delay in submission of timesheets. With accessibility through mobile as well as web platform, one can submit timesheets on the go.


Thanks to our handy expense management system, you can rest assured that all your company expenses will be maintained and accounted for. You can pinpoint a needle in a haystack.

Leave Management

CEIPAL Workforce allows your employees to manage their leaves with ease. With our modern integrated leave management system your employees can organize and schedule their leaves in better and efficient manner.


CEIPAL Workforce helps you to keep the stringent immigration compliances in check for your employees. Monitor and ensure all the vital information and immigration details of the people you hire are updated.


Consolidate and have a central database of all your company data at the same place with the help of CEIPAL Workforce. With the multi layered security offered by the platform, know that your data is in safe hands.

Workforce Analytics

Have all the vital statistics of your company or an individual at hand. Whether on for an individual performance or a team's, all your company reports are a click away.

Asset Management

Asset management takes care of the information pertaining to company assets that are being handed out or handled by employees. After all, any asset for an organization is an investment and all investments need to be accounted for.


We bring the power of multi-tasking to you. Our smart sync allows you a one-time data push, whether expenses or invoice that gets affected across accounting tools like Quickbooks. Easy integration across platforms!

Communication Center

Have something that needs to be heard? Through this feature explore ways to send e-mails across departments and employees through a single window. Interact and inform in an instant!