Empower your Employees

A dedicated portal for your employees to serve themselves. They can get information or raise requests. Save HR a great amount of time as well as allows employees to view company documents etc.

  • Put employees in charge of their requests.
  • Promote transparency, keep a track of the entire lifecycle from open to close of a request.
  • Escalate requests and ensure transparency throughout the process.
Improve Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

Employees never have to lookout for help, whenever a request is raised it would be automatically assigned to the concerned users, department or group. Engaging employees made easier and better!

  • Employees can resolve queries without cluelessly bothering everyone.
  • Raise requests right from the portal, no more running after people!
  • Address all queries and concerns right from the ESS portal
Data Driven Self-Service

Data is everything when it comes to measuring success. Spot inefficiencies and opportunities hidden within your workforce with multiple ageing reports.

  • Stay updated on the functioning of various departments.
  • Easily identify each department's turnaround time
  • Pinpoint the the stages and activities in processes that are creating bottlenecks and fix them.
Go Mobile!

Do not be confined to a workspace when it comes to addressing requests or concerns. With WorkForce's mobile application, Raise, track, approve, reject and do almost anything and everything on the go!

  • Raise requests from just about anywhere
  • Approve/reject/track requests
  • Access ESS from various devices
  • Access organizational documents on the go!

Workforce is available for these platforms

android ios