Integrating conformity with Quick Books

Spare yourself the task-doubles and give Quick Books Integration a try. It will automatically reflect a copy of your expenses, payments and invoices on the tool, cutting down on the extra effort you would put in re-entering the data. Quick Books are an error-free and effective way to deal with numbers.

  • Back-up of the expenses restore on the Quick Books automatically
  • One-click functionality
  • Saves time by avoiding double data-entry
  • Errors are cut down since the Quick Books will have the correct version
Broadcast in an instant

Interact and disseminate messages to exactly who you want, through this platform that is built to suit your dynamic needs. Forget hassles of drafting through email clients.

  • Single window broadcast saves time
  • Manual entries of recipients are no more
  • Target messages to individuals, groups
  • Store and access information separately
Accounts Payable

With CEIPAL Workforce's intuitive feature, keep track of all bills efficiently and accurately. Monitor bill payments, open bills and bills pending approvals all at one place.

  • Create Payables
  • Save incomplete bills as drafts
  • Quick insights into pending invoices

Workforce is available for these platforms

android ios