Measuring Business Performances

Being aware of your business' performance makes way to informed choices

One of the vital contributors that separates a successful company that is thriving, from a company merely surviving is the comprehensive grasp on a firm's overall performance. CEIPAL's Workforce provides you with the effective tools to get the overview of numerous metrics with a couple of clicks.

  • Quickly gauge employee performances
  • Monitor revenue metrics
  • Observe revenue forecasts
  • Overview employee retention areas
  • Set automated reminders on achievements
  • Monitor compliance metrics
Mobile Workforce Analytics

Performance reports delivered on time, anytime, anywhere

Keep tabs on your company's performance no matter where you are. Whether at work, out of the office, home, on vacation; all your reports are a click away. CEIPAL's Workforce has a dedicated app developed for both Android and IOS platforms.

  • Beautiful visual representations
  • Monitor various metrics
  • Secured view as per restrictions set
  • Export into multiple formats directly from app
  • Access through various devices
  • Multi layered security to prevent misuse

Workforce is available for these platforms

android ios