The Company Files

Find yourself scouring through one document after the other in search of yet another? CEIPAL's Workforce allows you to organize and store all documents pertaining to your company under ordered sections with customized security measures.

  • Easy collaboration of documents
  • Share files and folders directly from portal
  • Set restrictions and access to section
  • Secured access to file and their sharing
  • Ability to upload file sizes of up to 200 MB
  • Tracking Audits made easy
Mobile Files

Now have your company documents at your disposal anytime, anywhere. CEIPAL's Workforce has a dedicated app developed for both Android and IOS platforms

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Manage various documents
  • Secured sharing at touch of a button
  • Share files and folders directly from app
  • Access through various devices
  • Multi layered security to prevent misuse

Workforce is available for these platforms

android ios